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VISION: To Create a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Base for Progressive Society to Bring in Socio-Economic Sustenance.  MISSION: In Pursuance to Create Socio Economic Sustenance through Entrepreneurship Development


Upcoming Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Research - The Recourse for Continuous Learning (Theme: Research Insights & Publication Strategies) powered by NFED on 2nd February 2019 at ANOVA Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd., #13-B, 1st Floor, 11th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600 083. Tamil Nadu.





Upcoming Events: 6th Womens' Day Awards  

8th March 2019

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Life Time Achievement Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize school teachers,  college / institute / varsity professors,  entrepreneurs & social activists whose life time work has contributed significantly in the field of teaching, research, entrepreneurship & societal development. All those who have completed 40 years are eligible to nominate their candidature to these award category. The nominations will be assessed in terms of its overall impact based on their legendary track record, competencies and also by considering voluminous & extraordinary services rendered to the societal well-being and nation building in their chosen field. The awardees falling under this category are as follows:

1)      School Teachers – 2

2)      College / University Professors – 2

3)      Entrepreneur – 1

4)      Social Activist – 1

Note: The above mentioned award categories are subjected to screening and scrutinizing under the expert committee constituted by Presidium of NFED, wherein, decision on selection / rejection solely vests with discretion of NFED’s Presidium, which shall be endorsed as final. 

The relevant form can be downloaded from the official website of NFED. The candidate has to mail the filled form along with their Photograph, CV & Short Profile in support of their candidature to chairmannfed@gmail.com and a copy to be marked to directornfed@gmail.com and lakshmi.nfed@gmail.com



About NFED Children’s Awards


Our Awards distinguishes real-life heroes working to significantly progress the lives of children. Children who are studying in schools of the age group from 7 to 17 are eligible to apply for this award through their respective schools. Those having sound academic track record, which includes extracurricular and co-curricular activities and significant contribution towards the children’s society at large only be considered for this award.


Indian Children’s Award

Indian Children’s Award program has been created to distinguish and promote those altruistic individuals who make a distinction in the lives of children here in India and across the globe, regardless of political, religious or geographical boundaries and are the Nation’s most imperative asset. It is quite vehement that their stories pertaining to their days whilst schooling is laudable and heroic which needs to be regarded. Hence, Indian Children’s Award honors these children through this award to gain recognition in the society for their proven track records in terms of studiousness, stupendous skills, orderliness and discipline, which they have created in their respective schools over their schooling process. This award envisages the verve and zeal of our children’s lives and intuits them to be the future leaders and role models to the society.


2014 Indian Children’s Award Timeline

· Mid-January 2013 Nominations Open (Online)

· April 15, 2014 (at 11:59pm PST) Nominations Closure

· April - August 2014 Review & Scrutiny Process

· Mid - September 2014 All Finalists Notified

· November 7, 2014 Annual Awards Ceremony Events in Coimbatore City, Tamil Nadu,     India.

NFED welcomes nominations from vibrant Indian School Children to bag this award. Those applying to this award shall download the relevant form from official website of NFED, which has to be duly filled and mailed along with their Photograph, CV, Short Profile, Recommendations & Bonafide Certificate from Principal / Correspondent / Head Mistress / Equivalent of the concerned School so as to reach to chairmannfed@gmail.com and a copy to be marked to directornfed@gmail.com and lakshmi.nfed@gmail.com

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