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VISION: To Create a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Base for Progressive Society to Bring in Socio-Economic Sustenance.  MISSION: In Pursuance to Create Socio Economic Sustenance through Entrepreneurship Development

1. 8th National Entrepreneurs' Day Awards '2021 (E-Award Ceremony) scheduled on 7th November 2021 between 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Zoom meeting room. The last date for nomination is 25th October 2021. For Nomination, Details visit www.nfedawards.com

2. Three-Day National Workshop on Research & Development scheduled on 21-23 October 2021 - Registration Link - https://forms.gle/fWAtAsF96vwsURSx9 

3. International Conference on Global Research Perspectives in Engineering & Technology for Holistic Restructuring (IC-GRPETHR) scheduled on 24-25 September 2021 - Registration Link: https://forms.gle/neWwsTr23vAvNREg7 


Women Empowerment & Societal Development Awards - 8th March Ever Year

1.Women Facilitator Award

2.Best Women Award

3.Social Entrepreneur Award

4.Social Activist Award


Women Empowerment & Societal Development Awards 

The new millennium has witnessed a significant change and attitudinal shift in both women and societal thoughts about their equality. This has been realized in the recent years by many developing countries, wherein their economic participation has been indispensable for their nation’s socio-economic growth. Also, an overwhelming & surmounting proportion of women in terms of percentage of participation has been seen in Asian, European, Asian, Western & Latin American countries and so their economies. Women in developing countries like India have transformed in the recent years with economic globalization, which in turn has provided the platform for them to nurture in different professional domain equal to men in all the sectors. A country’s prosperity is more so associated with the women’s liberation and participation in upbringing socio-economic development.

International Women's Day has been originally referred to as International Working Women’s Day. It has been observed in different countries, since 1900s and gained global prominence in many developed countries hitherto.

NFED has envisaged on women’s development for more than a decade in facilitating & motivating the realities of economic empowerment through research & development in exhibiting the status-quo in lieu with economic empowerment and entrepreneurship development. In addition to that, it has instituted Women Empowerment & Societal Development Awards in the eve of celebrating International Women’s Day 2014 falling on 8th March 2014. 

Social Entrepreneur Awards

Scocial Entrepreneurs are the ones who are ready to engage in risk taking or difficult activity and bring in socio-economic sustenance for the country. They are the persons who see opportunities that others can't see, take on a challenge rather than always opting for the safe path and plan for different possible outcome. NFED aims to create more “Job Creators than Job Seekers”. In order to encourage the social Entrepreneurs as Social Teachers, NFED bestows award by receiving nominations from entrepreneurs who meets the criterions laid by our expert committee. All those meeting the above mentioned criterion shall place their nomination along with their Photograph & CV as per the directives given in the NFED’s website.


Social Activist Awards

Social activism is an intentional action under NFED with the goal of upbringing social sensation & social change. According to NFED, social activist is the one who devotes time and works for such an intention is considered to be a social activist. Social activists consider the larger picture – How can they find ways to end injustice and to create strong communities which encourage economic, social and psychological health. NFED aims to identify such social activists and honor them by bestowing awards during the Teacher’s Day celebrations every year. The social activists shall place their nominations or nominated by anyone with proper referral name (s) providing substantial evidence along with their Photograph & CV with necessary documents as per the directives given in the NFED’s website.

Life Time Achievement Award

The nominations to all the above mentioned categories are invited in accordance with the prescribed format and directives as indicated in our NFED’s website. All nominations has to be mailed to:director@nfedindia.org and a copy marked to chairman@nfedindia.org.  

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